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Exporting Guidance

With over 35 years of both theoretical and practical experience of exporting, we will advise and steer you through introduction to exports, rules and regulations on export, and to generally get you ready to export, through the development of an export strategy. Not only will we assist you in understanding Exports but will assist you in growing your exports. Success in exporting is an ongoing challenge.

We will assist you in your export vision, including the development of an export strategy, offer technical support and offer following guidance in conducting your export trading.


  1. Customized export consulting
  2. Buyer and Seller information
  3. Export trade leads  
  4. Training for New Exporters

Do you need guidance for exporting?

If so, then you require gearing up methodically. Without meticulous information and thorough knowledge about the target country market, business practices and policies, you should not take any decision about exporting. There can be a great risk of taking a wrong strategy without having such knowledge.

However, you decided to make exporting a part of your business. First, there are the basics: the rules, the players, and how making it work for you. The second set of considerations has to do with making your export business grow. How do you capitalize on the opportunities? 


Customized export consulting

We offer customized export consulting as per your needs in the following fields.

  1. Export correspondence
  2. Export documentation
  3. Preparation of export contracts and agreements
  4. Letter of Credit advices and scrutiny
  5. Export credit insurance guidance
  6. In depth information relating to your chosen product or market

Coaching for the First Time Exporter

For new / prospective exporters, we have a program of customized exports guidance through interactive one- to-one on-line sessions for a few hours each day for a few days. We shall provide training material and encourage the participant to go through the material and come up with questions that will be clarified. This will help when you start real exports.